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Polyvinyl chloride based coatings come in a variety of colors and designs. They come in rolls or in individual boards and are used in all high-frequency rooms and in rooms with increased moisture.

The joints are subsequently welded with a special appliance and there is a possibility of raising them to the walls to obtain a 100% watertight floor. The substrate must be well prepared, leveled without any irregularities. Water-based adhesives or two-component adhesives on a synthetic base are used.


Made of several layers of various sizes. These are usually imitations of various natural materials such as stone, wood or metal.

That is why they are used in many places such as command bridges, luxury cabins, living rooms and are more and more used in large commercial and tourist facilities. Design ideas are various and you can leave it up to your own imagination. Adhesives used are as with vinyl  and can also be on a synthetic base. The substrate (the surface) must be perfectly flat so we can get a flawless final product.


Today’s ship (marine) interiors are primarily adapted to fire safety and therefore sandwich panels with non-conductive insulation are most often used. Flat sandwich panels are most commonly used for moisture resistance and, if properly installed, can also be used as a shower cabinet walls because they have a plasticized thin layer in various colors that is completely waterproof.

In rooms for storage and preparation of the food, stainless steel wall and ceiling panels are usually used. The most important thing about the ceiling panels is the safety.

There are different types and shapes. Most commonly used panels are the ones easy to remove and return because of some unplanned work, additional modifications and retrieval of new pipes and cables.